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Thinking of buying a GPS tracker to locate your valuables? Then you've come to the right place! Let's find out together how you can easily track your children's movements, locate your vehicles in case of theft, find out where your pet is when it gets lost, runs away, or wanders off for too long and more! With our Black Friday deals for Invoxia, tracking your valuables has never been easier, secure or more affordable.

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How does Invoxia GPS Tracker work?

The invoxia GPS tracker is a handy gadget for locating your belongings, it sends you anti-theft alerts to notify you of suspicious movement on your vehicles, children and even pets.

You define security zones via the application and the tracker does the rest! It tells you when it enters or leaves with perfect accuracy. All this is accessible via the app. You can also trace the route taken by the tracker.

With a battery life of up to 6 months, you don't have to worry about it running out of power, and you get a notification when its battery is low.

Network coverage is FREE FOR 3 YEARS and you don't even need a sim card to use it. The subscription is included in the Invoxia package.

Black Friday Invoxia pet tracker

Get to know your pets better with the Pet Tracker for cats and dogs from Invoxia! Attach the GPS tracker to your pet's collar and follow its movements in case it gets lost or runs away.

The Pet Tracker also tracks your pet's activity, using innovative artificial intelligence technology. Track your pet's activity and resting indicators over time to detect changes in habit.

The gadget also provides you with an activity diary, The Timeline offers a simple and complete overview of the pet's activities, sleep, movements, for a deeper understanding of what your cat or dog cannot express. A real monitoring and prevention tool.

Black Friday Invoixia bike tracker

Do you travel by bike most of the time? You are afraid that someone will steal your bike? Invoxia also has a GPS tracker for bikes! Just slip it into the reflector and attach it to your seatpost. Like the other Invoxia trackers, in case of suspicious movement or attempted theft, you are notified in real time. Particularly useful for your scooter too!

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