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Nomad is more than a brand. It's a philosophy. As a company and as a team: Minimise the need for gear, be sustainable and seek adventure. This is the essence of their product vision: to create minimalist and practical tools that keep you moving. They develop all their product concepts from the ground up - using the lightest, thinnest and strongest materials for their designs. During Black Friday at SB Supply, you'll find a huge collection of Apple Watch cases, bands, in full strength and durability to protect your precious devices.

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Why choose Nomad?

Black Friday Nomad iPhone Cases

Nomad cases are made from high quality leather from the USA and Heinen Leather from Germany, giving Nomad products a stylish and timeless design. This stylish leather ensures that your smartphone is well protected against all the dangers you may encounter in everyday life. Another advantage is that you can continue to charge your phone wirelessly without having to remove the case. But what is really special about these leather iPhone cases is that, thanks to the natural aging of this natural leather, over time a unique look develops! With the wallet and folio pockets, you can also store cards and notes in your case / shell, useful for everyday life!

Black Friday Nomad Wristbands for Apple Watch

The Nomad Apple Watch straps have a lot in common with the brand's iPhone cases: they are made of the same high-quality leather and develop an elegant patina over time. To prevent scratches and stains, Nomad treats the straps with a special PVD treatment. So you can use your Apple Watch bracelet for a long time without having to be excessively careful! The range consists of modern and traditional watch bands, but all are made of high quality Horween leather and sewn with linen thread.

Black Friday 2021 at SB Supply!

SB Supply has always believed in the power and importance of Black Friday. Every year, we make our catalogs and products more and more accessible and affordable. Crazy sales happen during the Black Friday so make sure you don't miss it!